Message from the Director

Research and research-related activities form an integral part of Kathmandu University (KU), as is evident in the university’s outstanding output in the academia and the industry over the decades. In addition to its primary responsibility of facilitating research and research-related activities of students, faculty and staff, KU supports external individuals and institutions as part of its goal to make research and innovation a collaborative endeavor. The Directorate of Research, Development and Innovation (KU-RDI) has been established to fulfill that goal.

RDI acknowledges that research and research-related activities go beyond generating new knowledge to effecting multidimensional impact—in the university and the community alike. One way of doing so is to upgrade the institution’s ranking, status, outreach and sustainability. Research and research-related activities are often complex and dynamic; therefore, managing them or facilitating to manage those calls for dedicated responsibilities. With this understanding, RDI is committed to making research and research-related activities simpler and easier—by providing training, funding, facilitation or cooperation. It is also committed to reforming its policies and incorporating cutting-edge practices so as to enhance its professional outlook.

To this end, RDI expects continued cooperation and contribution of its stakeholders.

Thank You

Prof. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha, Ph. D.

Research Development and Innovation (KU-RDI)