TEMPLATE 1- Application for External Funding

TEMPLATE 2.1- Application for Opening of Project Account

TEMPLATE 2.2 – Template for currently funded projects reporting

TEMPLATE 3- Application for Internally Funded Projects

TEMPLATE 4.1 – Vehicle Contract

TEMPLATE 4.2- Request for Vehicle with log sheet (revised)

TEMPLATE 5- Time Sheet revised

TEMPLATE 6.1 -RECEIPT OF PAYMENT with amendments for Vehicle Rental and Other Major Expenses

TEMPLATE 6.2 Voucher for Minor travel expenses

TEMPLATE 7- Repair and Maintenance Authorization Form

TEMPLATE 8.1- PI Consent Form for PI

TEMPLATE 8.2-TEMPLATE 8.2 Consent Form for Respondent

TEMPLATE 9.1- TRAVEL ORDER FORM with amendments (to be used with Template 9.2 as Back Page)

TEMPLATE 9.2-TRAVEL BILL (TB) (to be used with Template 9.1 as Front Page, at the time of Advance Settlement)

TEMPLATE 10-RDC Letter of Appointment (to be furnished by RDI for Identity Card Purpose)

TEMPLATE 11- Institutional Consultancy Invoice

TEMPLATE 12- Contract Letter in nepali for field staff

TEMPLATE 13- General ToR for Project Employment

TEMPLATE 14- Specific Employment Contract revised

TEMPLATE 15-Application form-English FOR JOB

TEMPLATE 16 Form 8-2 Purchase Order for Consumable Supplies

TEMPLATE 17 Form 9-1 Capital Goods Request Form for Durable Supplies

TEMPLATE 18 Form 7-4 Price Comparison Chart

TEMPLATE 19 Form 10-5 Advance Settlement  Form

Note 1:  Purchase Order for Consumable Supplies is Form 8.2 in Accounting Manual

Note 2: Purchase Order for Durable Supplies/Capital is Form 9.1 in Accounting Manual

Note 3: Advance Settlement Form is Form 10.5 in Accounting Manual