Chet Nath Kanel

Title of the Thesis: "Homestay Operators' Learning Practices in Nepal: An Ethnographic Exploration."

Supervisor(s): Prof. Laxman Gnawali, Dr. Prakash C Bhattarai

Ram Kumar Yadav

Title of the Thesis: Investigate The Effect of Coating and its Performance on Different Turbine Materials

Supervisor(s): Prof. Hari P. Neopane, Dr. Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug, NTNU

Atmesh Poudyal

Title of the Thesis: Optimization of Francis Runner To Reduce Sediment Erosion

Supervisor(s): Prof. Hari P. Neopane, Dr.Sailesh Chitrakar

Sajan Shrestha

Title of the Thesis: Condition Monitoring of Pelton Turbines in Sediment Affected Power Plants

Supervisor(s): Prof. Hari P. Neopane, Dr. Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug, NTNU

Utsav Shree Rajbhandari

Title of the Thesis: An integrated Energy System Analysis for Nepal's Pathway to Net Zero Emission

Supervisor(s): Dr. Sunil P. Lohani, Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal, AIT

Ravi Suwal

Title of the Thesis: Climate Smart Buildings in Context of Nepal: An Evaluation Based on Mitigation and Adaptation Approaches

Supervisor(s): Dr. Sunil Lohani, Dr. Prajal Pradhan, Dr. Brijesh Mainali, LU

Chiranjeevi Mahat

Title of the Thesis: Green Steel Production Technology for Nepal

Supervisor(s): Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Prof. Bhola Thapa, Bahman Shabani, RMIT

Lakshman Lama

Title of the Thesis: Techno Economic Assessment of Green Hydrogen Based Fuels in Industrial Heat

Supervisor(s): Dr.Biraj Singh Thapa, Prof. Dr. Bivek Baral

Jahir Ahamad Jibran

Title of the Thesis: Application of Green Hydrogen for Decarbonizing Cement Manufacturing Process

Supervisor(s): Prof. Bivek Baral, Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Dr. Dhruba Panthi, KSU

Tajana Nepal

Title of the Thesis: Advanced Control of Variable Speed Hydropower Plant for Improved Operation

Supervisor(s): Dr. Roshan Sharma, USN, Dr. Thomas Oyvang, USN, Dr. Diwakar Bista